I write about: one, love; two, crime, conspiracies, the religious delusion, awesome writing; and three, anything just for entertainment.

sized-01Shiri Golan has found the perfect man at last, but one day skeletons start crawling out of his closet hauling with them betrayal, a dark past and deadly secrets.

Hurt, betrayed and seeking vengeance, Shiri finds herself caught between forgiveness and justice. As she lives on, she discovers that, oblivious to her, she is a commander of some secret movement whose ultimate aim is to control the whole world.

From the sensational love poet and author of Holy Innocence and Holy Crimes, Elove Poetry, comes the story of love, hate, betrayal and secrets.

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sized-04Holy Crimes is a collection of crimes of love, the little things lovers do oblivious, innocently, inadvertently, sometimes deliberately and guiltily. The joys of love are compacted in the mystery behind the history love has written since time immemorial, it continues to write and shall write even in days to come. When that one single day the lover wakes and feels fluttering like a butterfly, dancing like a dervish, butterflies rioting in them thence they commit the crimes.

When love ends and life has to continue, the lover commits the crimes. Crimes of love, Holy Crimes, that the lover gets away with, and shall get away with.

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book-covers-13-rontHoly Innocence is a collection of innocent musings on love, the things lovers do innocently moved by love, the emotion that makes the mind stop functioning the minute one falls helpless in to the abysmal abyss of love. May it be teen horniness, school-boy/girl crush on someone, secret admiration, harmless flirtation, infatuation, or lust for someone already taken – love does this innocently, just to fulfill the longing of a heart that is helplessly in love for which words can’t describe.

Holy Innocence is sensational, love poems to the max. Every girl should read this.

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Smashwords – eBook
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