Book Review | Bachelorette Diaries

Reviewer: Eva Muturi
Publisher: Mystery Publishers
ISBN: 978-9966-103-69-7
Format: paperback
Language: English
Genre: Fiction

She says:

I don’t know where to start … first of all I related well with the book because the setting is in Kenya … yuhuu and all places, things mentioned I felt like I was walking in the scenes (can we make it a Kenyan movie? Do the ladies who happen to go to club Galileo be bachelorettes – just aking). Secondly, as a bachelorette, I could completely capture some of my wants in life (getting a man for a resolution, been miss independent, boss lady) into Shiri who is the diary writer. Thirdly, it is more than a diary *winks (excuse me, the diary kicks off from week1-52, year 2012) Fourthly, no matter how fiction of a book it is, methinks it’s real *smiles. Shiri is a go getter who runs two companies; Golan Technologies-family software company and Kol Yizrael Kenya- a media group from Israel …

Read the full review on Eva’s blog Sentiments.

Buy the book online:

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