The Assassin Diaries: Back to the World

I take the long walk to Command’s office. She is there, engrossed in her iPad. When she sees me enter, she puts it on the table and smiles at me.

“Angel,” she says. “How nice to see back on your feet. We almost thought we had lost you.”

“Thank you. But here I am, in full glam and glamour,” I say.

“I would like you to know that we care for you, we love you …”

“You do?”

“Yes, and that’s why we are going to give you some time off, to unwind. What do you say? A trip to the coast, the best of resorts?”

“That would be nice. I’ve never been at the coast on vacation.”

“Good. Go get ready. And smile a little. You’re now OK.”

“Will Tatyana go with me?”

“Of course, yes.”

“Well, I think I should be preparing.”

“Yes, your flight leaves at 1:40 p.m. You’ve got three hours to prepare.”

By now flights don’t thrill me. I’d give anything for a bus ride to Mombasa, but I know that won’t happen.

I get back to my room and Tatyana is there. “You knew and you didn’t tell me?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t have been a surprise …”

“Hello there! News flash, I’m not surprised.”

“Come on, Angel. Loosen up a bit. Ever since you were discharged you’ve been acting different. You’re angry with life, everyone, and nothing excites you.”


“Well, yeah.”

“But you do. I’m happy while I’m with you.”

Her eyes open, and pupils dilate. She reaches for me and kisses me. I no longer abhor it. After all I couldn’t turn her away, and God knows I need it. I kiss her back, soft at first, then hard. She almost crushes me in our embrace.

Mwash is the one who drives us to the airport. Though he is in the logistics department, he’s as lethal as any other operative in The Squad.

During the flight, high above the clouds, I’m jittery. My heart is palpitating, hands trembling. Tatyana unbuckled her belt the moment the lights went off, now her head is on my laps, sleeping.

Forty-five minutes later, we are at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa. At the domestic arrivals’ exit, he is there, holding a placard with our names. Command has organized for a driver to pick us.

“I’m Abdikay,” he says, shaking our hands. “I will be your driver and tour guide during your stay here. Be free to ask me for anything you need.”

“Okay,” we chorus. “Mr. Tour Guide, where to?”

“I’m to take you to your hotel,” he says as he puts our bags in the boot of the car.

Thirty minutes later, security barriers collapse all around the car as the gateman flags Abdikay to proceed. The paved driveway has palm trees and flowers on both sides, and the lawns are well-manicured and taken care of.

Nyali Beach International Hotel, I read as Abdikay drives to the entrance.

“Go to the reception, you’ll get everything about your booking,” Abdikay says. “This is my phone number, whenever you want to go anywhere, I’m just a phone-call away.”

“Thank you,” Tatyana says.

“And, you’re from Alpha Logistics,” Abdikay tells us.

“Alpha Logistics it is,” I say.

“Enjoy your stay,” Abdikay tells us as we alight.

He gets our bags out and a porter is there to get them.

Everybody has her own room, overlooking the ocean. The scene is breath-taking, watching the waves rise and fall and the surf on the white sands; sea surfers and people having the best of their time on the beach from the top floor.

When the night comes, I cast all my apprehensions aside and embrace what the life I’m living is offering. We go to Tatyana’s room and take a bath together in the tub. We luxuriate in the hot bath, soap and scrub each other’s back.

Tatyana’s hands move on my body, soft and slow, and I feel my nipples harden. I feel hers harden against my back, and I take her hands to caress my stomach, navel, and my bush down there. I raise my hand to caress her neck as she toys with my breasts, stomach, and vulva.

I feel her heart palpitating on my back, her nipples pressing hard, and my body responds the same way. I pull away, get out of the tub, and reach for her hand.

“Come,” I tell her. “Let’s go to the bed.”

We don’t dry ourselves, I am burning.

Tatyana takes the lead. She pushes me on the bed and I sink softly on the bedcovers. She gets on top of me, and her mouth finds mine open and waiting, wanting. Her lips her velvet soft, and I wonder why I didn’t want this before. She is a pretty good kisser, and by the time she moves to nibble at my hard breasts I am melting. She is slow, tender, and sensual.

A feeling I have never had courses through me. With Tatyana I get what I have been missing—no demands, no expectations. The memory of my first sexual encounter flashes in my mind. It was all about the destination—a harried kiss, hands groping my butt, a rough tug at my breasts, and … he was in, he didn’t even care what I felt, and thirty seconds later he was done, panting on top of me, his warm wet seed dripping from the inside of my thighs. But with Tatyana it’s all about how I get there.

I part my legs and I raise my hips. She kneels between my legs and licks the thick wetness dripping on the sheets from me. Her warm tongue glazes my labia and I almost explode. When she pushes the tip of her tongue inside me, I scream.

As Tatyana loves me in ways I have never been loved, if feel my soul levitate and meld with hers. My thighs are shaking uncontrollably, and my whole body trembles. When I scream what comes out is her name, and at that very moment I know that I will enjoy killing anyone from The Squad who tries to keep me from Tatyana.

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