The ‘I’m Gay’ Syndrome: What’s Not Said?

The other day, Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina crawled out of his closet and dropped the bombshell – he’s gay. I was (2)

The gay debate has been around since the age of reasoning, and it shall be with us till the end of time.

Today it has become the topic of discussion over that cup of coffee or beer, at that BBQ, or during fellowship and worship discussions.

The morality of the practice has been questioned over time, but that’s not why I am writing this. However, just a piece of my mind – I defend to death everyone’s right to their sexual orientation albeit my disgust of such practices.

It used to be the West’s disease (as many saw it), now it has come to Africa, and this gay thing is revolutionizing the society in many ways, from politics to social and cultural arena.

It started with President Museveni of Uganda signing the anti-gay bill in to law (only for him to backtrack on it), then Nigeria’s Goodluck (good luck he’s surrounded by bodyguards). Mass protests ensued, even people got killed. South Africans can openly be gay, while Robert Mugabe has no land for homosexuals.

Most African countries are still grappling with this foreign practice that must be legalized for World Bank to fund projects in Africa, or feed the starving, or for United Nations to send its peacekeeping missions to crisis-torn areas.

National and international politics are pegged on this, so is individual fame, thanks to human rights activists and right of freedom of expression.

Well, what I am not saying is that, this ‘I’m gay’ syndrome being witnessed these past days, from prolific writers to musicians, politicians and church ministers is all for vanity.

After so many years of irrelevance, of nothing happening in their rather boring lives and desire to be recognised they are alive people are crawling out of their closets, buy the media and cloth their vanity in the raiment of controversy.

Whether one’s political career (like Museveni, Obama and the likes) is pegged on supporting homosexuality or one’s relevance in writing, music, art and what-have-you is catapulted to stardom by being gay is what they are not saying when all of a sudden we are having such public confessions of homosexuality and lesbianism (Angelina Jolie is not in here, she is already a celebrity).

Jeez, when I have a threesome, a double ass, group sex or anal sex I don’t go around telling the world about it.

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