I Got Paid for My Writing

I am a great skeptic, and pessimist at that. I don’t believe anything will happen until I see it happen.

When I joined several online fora to showcase my works I did not think I will ever get anything out of it apart from the exposure and audience who didn’t know who the hell I am, and they didn’t care whether I’m a pygmy or Goliath, whether I’m yellow or white. All they did was just read my work the way it was and like or hate it (for those who cared to let me know).

Now, today, after so long (many tiring hours in the dark of the night composing stories I just hoped someone will scan through leave alone read past the first word), the efforts have paid.

Today I got paid for my writing. The how I got paid I’m not going to divulge, whether it’s by cheque or direct bank deposit because there are guys out there who derive unrivaled pleasure from sowing from other people’s sweat, but today I am several dollars rich.

Today I have worn a smile all day long. Who wouldn’t when their ship has just docked?

However, you too can write and get paid for it. Seriously!

It doesn’t matter where you come from, or where you are on the globe. What you need is just internet connection and a computer. That’s besides your creative mind.

This is not the scam we all are afraid of. After all this is not an email that has just found its way in your inbox.

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