Bachelorette Diaries, Wk47; 2012

The spies have been on me. Man, I love their indefatigability.

It may be standard procedures that in intelligence agents stay with their targets for as long as it takes, but if asked I would say that spending taxpayer’s money being someone’s shadow is illogical, unreasonable and crazy. Who, in their right mind, even if they are being paid to do that, spends lots of time following other people around as they go about their business?

It’s the intelligence guys. Are they really intelligent? I doubt that.

Well, Gwen’s ‘simple’ rules of avoiding these ticks have worked, and I have managed to lose them severally. However, I can’t be sure. In this age and time, you can’t be sure of anything. They would have pretended that I had lost them while they had installed a tracking device on me. What they would need to do is just go to a laptop and activate it with homing software and they would know everything I do, whom I speak to, when I wink, or fart, even pla

y voyeur as I have some pleasurable moments like everybody else does.


Nonetheless, Gwen and I have not given up on finding out why all over a sudden we are being warned of our reportage. I am not a reporter per se, but being warned even by people close to you is creepy.

The spy girl has gone deeper into this and unearthed evidence that could provide clues as to why I am being followed by the country’s spies and Gwen is being warned of her investigative reportage.

It turns out that Father Frank’s disappearance is part of a very elaborate strategy by the underground Jewish Movement I suspect my father is the leader to take over the world. This is just a theory yet to be confirmed (in due course), but it seems like Fr. Frank is not Catholic Church’s assassin. He is a member of a secret Jewish Movement branch responsible for taking over the church when the time comes but posing as an assassin for the church. Well, he is on the payroll of the church’s assassins, but they don’t know this yet.

Gwen is the real deal. That’s why I love her so. She does excellent work.

So, the investigation goes deeper (more like saying Gwen sells part of her soul to the devil to get this info) and it pans out that this whole thing is messier than I thought. It is a matter of national security, and when I say a matter of national security, I mean Israel national security, not Kenya. For Kenya, it’s a matter of international relations and diplomatic ties.

Gwen, KTN’s revered investigative reporter of the Jicho Pevu exposé series, is in possession of information that the Mossad is using Kenya is a frontier for war against terrorism, notably against the Hamas and Fatah’s Tanzim. By this, Israel is opening a second military front against Iranians, who allegedly channel aid, including weapons, to Hamas via Sudan. This confirms my fears as to why GEVIN Technologies was awarded the contract to install stealth software on Kenyan fighter jets. It’s not a Kenya Defence Forces thing. It’s all Israel instigated for Israel Defence Forces to be militarily strong in East Africa. Who else would be better placed to do a better job than an Israeli Software Company headed by an Israeli whose father is the leader of the resistance that would take over the world? That’s why I said KDF is technically IDF.

That notwithstanding, it has been Israel’s strategy to join forces with Western energy corporations to oust Asian oil companies from South Sudan by building an alternative pipeline to a proposed mega-port on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast, the LAPSSET Project which was launched by the president on 02 March this year.

As it’s evident, it’s a matter of national security and international politics. So, how does the church factor in here? The Catholic Church is very powerful. It’s a government like any other. For the Jewish Movement to take control of the world, the Catholic Church must be toppled. That’s how and where assassins like Fr. Frank, my once beloved lover, come in. The Mossad plays a great role because it’s the intelligence arm of this movement, a little known fact.

So now, it’s understandable why I have had spies onto me like a pack of wolves. Apart from the Kenyan morons I know the Mossad is more than involved. Those guys are sophisticated. They could be the neighbour next door, my PA or secretary, or my house cleaner. Or, they just watch me from Tel Aviv as I go about my business daily. All in all, I am better informed than I was last week, thanks to Gwen.

When it comes to this, some wars are better not be fought. I am young, and want to enjoy life more, like get laid on a daily basis, one day have a kid and mould her to everything I wanted to be but I am not. I am giving up the fight.

Yeah, I have said it. I am giving up. I can’t be caught in the middle of international political imbroglios. When it comes to that, the statesman says that lives can be lost for the sake of the state.

Trust me; I don’t want to die young. I know my father would understand why I had to be killed, sanction the assassination and move on with his agenda of seeing a Jewish Society established in the world.

From today, I am giving up. I can’t be a sacrificial lamb. I don’t want to be. This calls for serious decision.

If I am going to live as my conscience tells me, I have got to resign from Yedioth Ahronoth, one of my father’s weapons in his struggle for a Jewish nation in the world, and give up leadership of GEVIN Technologies (maybe to Daliah because she seems to support dad in everything he says and does).

For the first time in my life, I am running away from trouble.

Copyright © Elove Poetry, 2013.


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