Muthoni Garland: A Passion for Stories


Muthoni Garland

Passionate about literature and literacy, Muthoni Garland writes fiction for adults and children. Her work has been published in literary journals including Kwani, Farafina and Chimurenga and in several anthologies in the USA and UK. Her novella, Tracking the Scent of my Mother, was shortlisted for the 2006 Caine Prize.  Her anthology, ‘Helicopter Beetles’ is available on Amazon as an eBook.


Writing as Muthoni Muchemi, she has published over a dozen books for children including ‘Kamau’s Finish /The Amazing Race’, which is taught as world literature in schools in the USA and UK. She also wrote ‘The Matatu from Watamu Drove into the Sea’ that was later developed into a musical stage show. Her science-fiction book, “Attack of the Shidas”, was commissioned by the Kenya Human Rights Commission to stimulate discussion about tribalism in schools.  Most of her children’s…

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