Call for Submissions: Black Letter Media

“They say, “Until the lion learns to speak the take of the hunt will always glorify the hunter“. Our vision, therefore, is to give voice to the lion by publishing stories that challenge, move, excite, inspire and enthrall readers.

Africans have been telling stories around the fire since the beginning of time. Africa is rich with legends, mythological creatures, folklores that tell of magical, paranormal, supernatural, mystical, otherworldly adventures. These stories have carried culture, traditions and principles from generation to generation. These stories have taught us our history and served to educate us. And some of these stories were just purely entertaining.

Stories about Anansi the spider, Mamlambo, ghosts, tokoloshi’s, vampires, Nethathe, soul eaters, witches, zombies, jinns and eloko… Reality and fantasy blurred. Heroes took on mythical monsters. Heroines protected entire nations. And these were our stories, told in our own way by our own storytellers.

Do you have a story to tell? A magical, fantastical, mystical story with supernatural, paranormal creatures from the past or the future or a parallel time? A story that can be classified as speculative fiction, fantasy, magic realism, supernatural or folkloric.

Black Letter Media wants to read your manuscript.

Black Letter Media is looking for stories that tap into the magic and otherworldliness of Africa. The otherworldliness of our folklore, magical, fantastical and historical or futuristic in nature. These stories must tap into our varied cultures, be inspired by, recreate or be original stories that fit into the speculative fiction genre.

This is an Africa-wide call for unpublished novel length manuscripts.

– Deadline: 15 December 2013
– word-count: 40 000 to 120 000
– manuscript must be in the speculative fiction genre (sci-fi, fantasy, magic realism, folkloric)
– manuscript must be previous unpublished in any language or territory
– manuscript must not be submitted at the same time to another publisher
– this call is for Africa-based, African writers only
– submit manuscripts in English


– Send manuscripts in a Word doc (or docx)
– Your name, address and contact information must be on the first page (cover page)
Times New Roman or Courier New, 12pt, double space lines
– Begin each new chapter on a new page
– DO NOT add anything in the header or footer, leave the header and footer blank

Send all manuscripts to – on or by 15 December 2013.

For questions and queries please or use the form on here -> contact us

To Submit Your Manuscript

Send your manuscript in Microsoft Word (12pt, Times New Roman or Courier New or Arial, double spaced), with a Synopsis, the first three (3) Chapters (or short stories), main Character Bios (no bios for short story collections) and an Author Bio.

In 2013, we are looking for the following:

– Short story collections
– Fantasy
– Historical
– Science Fiction
– Young Adult/Teen Fiction

We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts in the following genres:

– Poetry
– Auto-Biographies
– Religious/Spiritual
– Self-help

All submissions must be emailed to


4 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Black Letter Media

  1. Truly awesome! I will send in something. I don’t believe in coincidences else I would have called this one. Would you believe the last three stories I’ve written between may and august have been on African paranormal fantasies and folklore? I think it’s about time we saw a lot of this sort of writing in print. Thanks for this brilliant piece of information.

    1. I would believe, Dotta, you are indefatigable and your stories whoa! Even though I am not a writer for paranormal fantasy and folklore, I read them. A good writer is a good reader, right?

      Go on gal, submit, invite me to vote if there would be voting, you have my vote.

      Go for it.

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