Of Rogue University Students & Abortions

Debauchery walk hand in hand with our brothers and sisters (include sons and daughters) in our esteemed institutes of higher learning. These leaders of tomorrow the society so much looks upon are grandiose non compos mentis, thanks to the alcohol they guzzle like an MP’s Merc guzzles petrol paid for by the taxpayer. Those whom our beloved nation thinks would save it from the throes multi-dwindling are the perpetrators of the worst crimes against humanity.


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I drink to that, yeah yeah, Oh let the Jameson sink in
I drink to that, yeah yeah, Don’t let the bastards get ya down, Turn it around with another round, There’s a party at the bar everybody put your glasses up and I drink to that, I drink to that…
goes Rihanna’s lyrics. This song has become many youths’ fave, thanks to Billboard records slotting it for bestseller. Now, that’s the beginning of the end of our beloved youth.

What goes on at the campus orgies is abominable – unprotected sex, drinking (all kinds of lethal concoctions), and drug use and group sex. The state of these hedonistic dudes and dudettes is a distant cousin of Zimbabwe in the family tree of financial stability. They live on Higher Education Loans Board’s (HELB) loans, way above the lifestyle bars they set for themselves. The arithmetic doesn’t add up if the parents’ paltry pocket money is got from sale of charcoal and loans from the merry-go-rounds back at the village. A wise student would downsize and live within limits of the meagre lucre they get, but peer pressure drives them to cheering to the freaking weekend through the night to the break of the day. By morning, would be mothers and fathers are innumerable.


The night of unbridled pleasure coupled with poor judgement dawns to a day of lifelong consequences. Not to mention STIs, when menses go on AWOL the warning sirens start wailing. Within no time the alert level is upped to red the minute they confirm their worst fears – they are pregnant, unwanted pregnancy at that.

Consequently, need for abortion, like need for speed the game, becomes like a drug. This is made easier by medical students who have a cartel of rogue technicians and doctors who can perform the procedure with as low as 1K (one thousand shillings), seriously? Sacrificing one’s body on the altar of quacks is understandable (it’s self-sacrifice, right?), but killing an innocent baby in the process for selfish gratification is a crime of inhumanity.


The state of our nation has gone from bad to worse with them (youth) careless living. Gone are the days when studying was prestigious. Why spend all those gruelling hours chewing stress on how to pass the CATs/exams when you can buy the answers with as low as two hundred shillings, or when you can go into the exam room with notes scribbled on places I don’t want to say or with a mwankenya (hidden notes)? No wonder medical university students are the ones necessitating the procurement of the abortions. And we are wondering, even suing, doctors for medical negligence when our (un)beloved one’s die due to medical malpractice.

No matter what reasons one cites for abortion would the heinous act be vindicated. Murder is murder, whether you kill a fly or a human.

I was not ready for it (motherhood that is). It was a (sad) mistake. I was raped. I was defiled (a staid erratum of incest is a child as any other). The economic times are hard (inflation affects everybody else). It was not meant to be, we were just having fun. I was on the pill; I don’t know how it happened. My father would kill me. I can’t take a bastard to my parents. These are some of the reasons listed as why they had to flush (the toilet?).

What the bloke says is, “How (the hell/fuck) did you get yourself pregnant?” as though the ‘Mother of the People’ had been all by herself in the whole spectacular shenanigans and bolts to the blue, probably moves to another planet, never to be seen again.

Just to set the record straight, apart from the morality of this whole thing, there are consequences. Question is whether one is ready to live with the consequences.

images (2)

To the best of my shattered knowledge, the means used to procure the abortion doesn’t matter, however advanced or macabre it is, the result is the same – abortion leaves a trail of complications behind. May it be infertility, health problems or trauma; that which you call effect by any other name would affect as much.

Abortion is not the only way (no matter how you try to justify it). There is always a choice, and that choice ain’t pro-choice.

©Elove, 2013

Author of Holy Innocence


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