Bachelorette Diaries, Wk 43, 2012 (The Soldier Mystique)

(Dedicated to my Man, Major Sang of KDF; Keep the Country safe, Sonny Boy, I love you, xoxo)

He’s an ambassador of peace, yet a warmonger


 A soldier is a bundle of contradiction;

He defends the nation against external aggression

He does nothing about the internal security.

He’ll spend days in the jungle training

spend months idle in the barracks;

He’ll be critically ill confined in sick bed

When war comes put on steel helmet on his head.

He’s strong and well-muscled, yet weak

He’s simple and kind, yet crafty and cruel

He’ll walk all night, then sleep the whole day

He’ll give out his rations to the hungry,

Yet beat them up when ordered to.

He’d command a battalion,

be a lackey to his mistress;

He’s stronger than brandy, milder than milk

He’ll tackle a battalion of enemy in war, be

Tackled by his wife alone in the house

He’ll avoid all the roads,

Walk miles in the jungle;

be rained on in the field,

Carry an umbrella in the streets,

He’d be macho under torture and pain

Cry a river when she leaves

He’ll fight with his friends in war

Hire his enemy for an informer.

He’d pose as a friend, work as a spy

He’d swear allegiance to the nation,

Be hired for informer by the enemy.

He’d stand for the enemy’s bullet,

Run like hell from his wife’s nagging.

He’d build a bungalow, spent his life dug in

He fights hard and wins battles

The president collects his medals.

He guards his commanders at night

His family is daily attacked by burglars.

He’ll kill millions of enemy soldiers

Indicted with human atrocities for collateral damage.

He bivouacs anywhere in the jungle

Arrested for loitering in the streets

He’s a monster, yet a hero

He’s a loner, yet a legend

He’s the devil, yet an angel

He’s mortal, yet a mystique.

He’s a peacemaker, yet a warmonger

In spite of his behaviour,

He’s a saviour.


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