Of Campus Divas and Apologies

Not very long ago a Facebook fan page, Campus Divas for the Rich, was created behind the walls of Nairobi University’s hostels. Whoever was doing that, did they think that Mark Zuckerberg earns his money from his social networking site by e-sex?
When the page went live there was furore from all over, thanks to the media for ballooning it in Guinness record time. The page was straight to the point, clear and concise – no hustlers, only the rich were wanted for whatever crazy fantasies they could imagine with these divas so long as every time the prima donnas dropped their pants (and thongs) and shook and showed booty for them they coughed dough.
Obscene graffiti was plastered on the page’s wall, photos of nude women of all shapes and sizes (others in different stages of undress) uploaded and shared, liked and spread like a virus. When moral crusaders rallied against them, they (the divas) were quick to defend themselves and did not hesitate to point out that haters had no place in their campus-busy schedules.
Just like everything the media turns to frenzy, the furor lasted less than a week and everything went back to normal – the divas back to peddling flesh to who’s who at the same time dealing ecstasy, pun intended, and getting themselves killed from their secret lucrative sex dens and their bodies mangled on highways while the haters went back to their pathetic hole.
Today, the girl who showcased her assets to the whole world is seen snaking through traffic with a BMW Z3 Roadster, Honda Civic, Land Cruiser Evoque or some other state-of-the-art luxury machine waving ‘Hi hater’ to the morally upright hustler from behind overly-tinted windows. When you trail her to where she lives, the high-end apartment would leave your jaw on the ground yet she is a student.

She bats no eyelid on what she does and tells the world about it, but she would come at you claws and daggers if you call her what she really is.
It is the same admins of the Campus Divas for the Rich Facebook page, who are demanding an immediate apology from an honourable member of parliament for allegedly insulting them on national television. Rumour milling around has it that the MP is guilty of calling them prostitutes. Seriously, they are doing this? Not very long ago they defended their career with their lives.
Well, the MP might have had the usual slip of the tongue, or misquoted by the media, and the apology is in order; but demanding that she write a two-page apology is farfetched. Sounds like the old school days of writing a composition (and in case they don’t know, those compositions are flash fiction outside school walls and not everyone is a writer).
After advertising their wares on Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, they are now threatening a legislator and disrespecting her when they know they catwalk the red-light districts of Nairobi from dusk to dawn. When they say they “…are honest, hardworking, responsible, and religious and committed to the values of education and religion,” did they think about that when they were creating Campus Divas for the Rich?
Funny, isn’t it, they are threatening to wreak havoc if their deadline is not honoured. The police Rapid Response Unit and the Leta Vujo Huone anti-riot comrades should up their alert level to red because we know what these students do when they make good their threat.
These campus divas know well that they should remove the log in their eyes for them to see the speck in other people’s.

Copyright (c)Elove, 2013


4 thoughts on “Of Campus Divas and Apologies

  1. Nice piece,but truth be told,they is no happy ending for most of this chics in evoques and high end apartments.If its not the daily conscience pang its some other wasteful disease and hey,how many forty year olds do you know whose source of livelihood is showing their assets?The glamour of easy money is only for so long.loved this post!

    1. Yeah, Bubbllinna, and they do forget that like any other flower, beauty withers and money grows wings, then what’s left is an old, tired, overused, never looked at woman forever begging the maledom for attention.

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