Bachelorette Diaries, Wk37; 2012

“You’re leaving,” Daliah said and brought my mind to the present.
All the anger that I had bottled up inside me came hurtling back. If there was anything I wanted was to get away from this place, get away from my home, as fast as I could.
“Of course, what do you think?”
“Shiri, I understand what you are feeling, and it’s your right to feel so, but I am sorry.”
“Sorry? That’s what you gonna say? After what you have done to me? I thought I had a sister in you.”
“Shhh. Don’t say it. I said I am sorry. Which part of that haven’t you heard?”
I gave her a startled look. Well, we both were worked. “Did you know about this, and kept me in the dark? How could you?”

“Shiri, I swear to God, I didn’t know. I did not have an idea that dad was behind everything.”
“And you lured me in the guise of AGM. God, I’ve given the company so much.”
As I said this I remembered that I had not asked dad about my illness, Upshaw-Schülman syndrome, and my voice went an octave higher as Daliah tried to bring my temper a notch or two down.
“I told you, Shiri. I did not know. Do you think I’d do that to you?”
I almost snapped “Why not” and scream something nasty at my sister but I thought otherwise.
First, there was no AGM. Okay, not AGM as in the sense of the word, but there was a meeting. It seemed like a séance to me, or some cult’s meeting.
Dad talked of my strategic position in Yedioth Ahronoth and GT. Guess my fears were confirmed. Dad was using me for something deep. Heck, it is something that I have been part of but oblivious to me because my father kept it from me.
As it turned out, from the meeting that included top government officials, foreigners from China, Russia, Europe and America, Yedioth Ahronoth was in Kenya to control media coverage, spread ideologies and God knows what the heck else. But the most daunting part was GT’s. Apparently, Gevin Technologies was taken to Kenya for strategic reasons by an underground Jewish movement of Jews who are to establish a Jewish world, a God’s chosen people world, and bring in new world order. Nonsense, who would believe this bullshit. GT is among many other software development companies in the world whose task is to develop military software. There are very many in the world – Europe, US, Russia, China and other strategic third world countries, controlled by this Jewish movement.
That’s why we had been approached by the Kenya MOSD for software development for their fighter jets and UAVs. Technically, KDF is IDF. That’s what it’s made to look, but apparently the movement has penetrated Africa and they don’t want to raise suspicion.
Seriously, I feel like I could kill dad. And oh, I am a very high ranking official in this movement. How could he? He might as well have enrolled me in some cult and he’d tell me when the time is right as he quipped about keeping me in the dark.
When I was almost convinced that I was part of a grand conspiracy to topple the world leadership and establish a purely Jewish society I asked, “And how are you planning to do that?”
“Through you, and the others whom we’ve prepared,” dad said.
“There are others? How big is this army then?”
“We control virtually everything in the world. We have our members in positions of influence – entertainment, medicine, academia, media, military, economy, finance, law, politics, science, religion and secret societies.”
“What if I want out? I don’t think I can do this?”
“You can’t. You can’t get out, Shiri. You are Jewish, and obliged to do what you’ve been prepared to do. You can’t walk out.”
“What do you mean I can’t? You have been using me as your pawn. I can’t do that; at least my consent is needed.”
“Then we demand it.”
That had been the pinnacle, my breaking point. They were not only controlling my life, they were also manipulating me, issuing subtle threats.
“I’m out of here,” I said and got up. I had seen men in black suits, perhaps Secret Service, rise to move on me, maybe to seize me, but with a wave of dad’s hand they let me be. I stomped out of that place fuming and powered by afterburners, pardon the pun, went home and started packing to go back to Kenya.
That’s when Daliah came in. Jeez; I have so many scores to settle.

Copyright ©Elove, 2013.


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