Bachelorette Diaries, Wk26; 2012

The Editor-in-chief Yedioth Ahronoth is a ridiculously handsome guy formerly of New York Times. Here’s the story – he’s Jewish-American (make that Italian-American) born and bred in New York to a Jewish mother and an Italian-American father. The grapevine in America had it that he was an undercover B’nai B’rith agent. The Americans couldn’t hear any of it, especially when he was hitting on his boss’s fiancée. He got fired and as always, home sweet home is the fallback position.

He started off as an investigative reporter at Jerusalem Tribune. The gods of his people smiled on him when Yedioth Ahronoth was hunting for an Editor-in-Chief for its African branch when he was offered a package even Bill Gates couldn’t turn down, kissed his career at Jerusalem Tribune goodbye and took the first flight to Kenya before Yedioth Ahronoth could think twice of what they had offered. He’s a great guy and a friend too.

So, when I called him with my idea to give me a column, ‘Love’s Corner’ in our Friday daily’s pullout magazine – The Beat – he just told me to go ahead with what I thought was good for the paper. After all, I am the managing editor.

So, last week Friday I had my first poem published.

The Heartbreak

I loved with all my heart,

Laughed despite the hurt,

The pain cut so deep

As long as I did weep;

When I gave my heart to the unworthy

Limerence filled me with apathy,

Poor me, gave so much love

Honeymooned to know it’s a bluff.

Though it ain’t the scholarly type to win a laureate, people these days don’t read poetry – especially when it looks classical or too Shakespearean.

The feedback has been good, especially from college and campus guys, women’s groups and stay-at-home moms, and anybody else who treads the path of love.

I have received so many tweets the whole of this week, wall posts on Facebook and MySpace. I am thinking of going blogger. I am just happy that people love my poetry.

And guess who my first fans were? – Eve, Gwen and Wisty. These chicks are a gem. That alone has given me the morale to go ahead with my project that I have dubbed ‘Ent254’. 254 is the country code of Kenya. My unsolicited observation confirms that Kenya’s entertainment industry is dominated by music, drama and open mic performances to the dire neglect of creative writing – poetry and fiction – meant just for entertainment.

Critics and opinion-makers claim that the Kenyan book market is saturated with textbooks to the oblivion of creative publishing purely for entertainment. So, my ‘Ent254’ (Entertainment Kenya) project would be to harness and appreciate creative writers, encourage creative readership and above all entertain through poetry, fiction (short stories, novels, flash fiction) and book clubs – stuff you will not find in a classroom.

In that case, I want to rival the all time renowned storytellers like James Patterson, ouch! Have I just said that? Iris Johansen, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Anne Rice, Tami Hoag – and who else? Even go to the extent of going Hollywood (selling movie rights for the works and bringing written action to screen as it’s in the West).

All in all, fasten your seat belts for pacy, conspiratorial storylines and plots.

Copyright ©Elove, 2012.


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