Bachelorette Diaries – Wk21, 2012

The back of my head is raised to make it easier for me to breath. Whenever the plasmapheresis process is initiated each day a cannula is put in my nose. Webs of IVs are connected to my body, dripping plasma and saline. Under my thin hospital gown I feel the energy being pumped into me ballooning. In all the years I have lived I’ve never been this sick.1

Every time I open my eyes from some drug-induced sleep I find Saint Carolynah Mwende hovering above me, administering some medication, adjusting my head, or just doing something to make me comfortable.

However, on Thursday, a light face loomed over me instead of Crolynahs’, lit from behind with a hazy white glow.

“You gotta be kidding me,” I said.
“Thought you’d get away with it?” her voice was edgy. It was Wisty, and that meant I was busted for sure.
“Wisty, is it really you?”
“One and the only. You ain’t dreaming, gal.” She hugged me gently. “Gal, I have missed you. We have missed you.”
“How did you know?”
“What does it matter. We were to know eventually.”
Everything was clearing up. I had not told anyone of my condition, save for my boss who granted me the sick leave. I felt bad I had not told my best friends in the world, but what could I have done? I knew that they had gone to the trouble of enquiring about me. I felt good for what they had done, and at the same time felt bad for not telling them.
“Look, I am sorry I did…”
“Shhhh!” Wisty quieted me by putting her index finger on my lips. “I know. Trust me, I understand. You had to.”
I smiled weakly at Wisty for her understanding.
“How are you doing, sweetie?” she asked me.
“I am fighting hard.”
“Take it easy, babe,” Wisty smiled. “Look who’s here, Shiri. Turn your head real slow.” I turned my head to the left and a couple of worried faces came into view. They looked desolate and pretty fretting, but just seeing Eve and Gwen made my heart flutter like a butterfly.
“Hey, guys,” I said.
“Hey, slick.”
“How are you feeling,” they chorused.
“Like the world’s biggest bitch alive.” I stifled a cough, and they seemed empathetic as realization of what I had said hurtled onto them.
“Take it easy, Butterfly,” they told me.
“It sucks, and I feel bad for not letting you in on this.”
“We understand.”
“I can’t stop thinking about it, believe me,” I told my friends.
They didn’t say anything more. Instead, they crossed the space between us and wrapped me in a warm embrace; all six hands. It felt like home.
“We are right here with you. We came as soon as we heard.”
When they kissed me for the umpteenth time on the cheeks, I felt their tears on me. I tried to tell them that I felt so broken inside, that I was sorry. “Guys, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I kept this from you.”
“Honey, we understand. Who wouldn’t have done just the same here?”
No one. That made me feel better.
“I’ll tell you something, guys. I’m feeling like giving it up.”
“You are not going to give up, Shiri. No, you won’t.” It was Eve.
Just then, my guardian angel, Carolynah Mwende, snuck into the room. Guess visiting hours were over!
All three of them – Even, Gwen and Wisty – leaned in and kissed me again.
“Get well soon, Cutie Pie.”
I watched them leave, walk out on me for the first time ever. It hurt to do it, but I actually smiled.

Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012.


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