Dark Night of My Love









She is not here, she is out there
Too proud to take the blame
Too proud to end the game
And make peace
Our hearts piece
Together not shed the tears
That whispers our fears
If only she can see
I can’t write her off my list
So much is there, glass full
I ain’t starting to doubt
Can’t pretend I don’t despair
I still have got her name
Tattooed everywhere –
My back
On the neck
The arms
On my blood
And here I am
My head full of her demons
The heart so vacant inside
So dark even when mooned
Even when dawn comes
I am sailing on a sunken sky
All night I try not cry
I try to read the stars
Get to know she gonna come
Everything gonna be alright
Don’t say it’s too late
Or all doors shut
I am still here
Keeping on saying nothing
The silence shields the pain.

Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012.

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