Cosmic Collision

I look into the future
See things you don’t
See what you can’t
I ain’t clairvoyant
Just a futuristic man
And I see a cosmic collision
That gonna change everything.

We shall cross the stream
And live the dream
When United States of America
Shall be Untied States of Africa
The Anglo-Saxons of Europe

Shall be devoid of all hope
Look up to India
Laced with Asia
And Federal Mother Russian
Would be People’s Republic of China
Sidney shall be Hong Kong
And Antarctica Iceland;
No white
No black
No coloured, or nigger
No more marriages
Or intermarriages
Just mating
People black-and-white
Do away with plasma screens
And Sony 3Ds
Go back to the good Great Wall
Invade China
And tear down the great wall.

I see a cosmic collision
When we men
Would be women
And women
Shall be we men
Be pregnant
IMPerfect housewives
Go to St. Petersburg
Beijing of the future
Be empowered
Enlightened to the hilt
Say NO to sex
MistressCard would be free issue
And banks would store ovaries
Clubs and bars would be merry-go-rounds
Man-U and Chelsea soaps from USA
Nollywood renamed Hollywood
Hollywood Bollywood
Vatican would be DRC
Abuja the Holy See
The seat of St. Peter
Be Mathias Mulumba’s.

The sun shall be the moon
Moon fierce and scorching
When East would turn West
Head South instead of North
Night turned day
And people say
No more journeys to the space
In search of God of the Zulu
Fanatics shall pray facing down
No more looking up
God shall descend from above
Chase all delinquents from underground
No more eerie beings
Just celestial choirs
Holy liars
Evil gone
One people
One faith
Just GOOD.


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