The Bachelorette Diaries (Wk13, 2012)

Fool’s Day is here. I wonder what the heck happened to the age-old pranks of this day – maybe we can blame it all on Facebook and twitter; iPhones and iPods and the damn savvy technology.

I have just come from Nakumatt Galleria for shopping. Apart from the usual stuff I have also included Always (the evil witch – that I detest – is around the corner).

This week Frank and I have not met – sometimes one needs their personal space in relationships (Dr. Chris Hart says it’s healthy).

Easter is here (actually, next Saturday) which means that many a people would flee the city. I have been thinking about the possible resorts that can provide an amble milieu for a bachelorette in love.

The beau monde (like me) have already had their travel agents book them into the swankiest lodges as far away from masses as possible.

The bourgeoisies will hop into EasyCoach, their or hired cars or trains and head to wherever they would love to.

The lower-class would pile into churches (out to make money out of their misery) for a vigil service on delusion that their saviour would be resurrecting on the dawn of Sunday after a gruelling walk with a makeshift wooden cross chanting rote prayers of the Way of Cross to the Calvary of Golgotha on Good Friday (I’ve never known what’s good about it). Sunday would find them too heavy-eyed to listen to the priest/pastor over the mass/service (they would be no different with me who would still be sleeping after a night of bacchanalian). Easter Monday would be their day to celebrate for they would have died with their Christ and arose.

And that reminds me. Eric Kiraithe (the police spokesman) needs to remind guys to be on the lookout for flying grenades by avoiding crowded places. Due to such incidences (latest being the last evening’s twin explosions at Mtwapa and Mombasa) I am thinking twice about spending this Easter holiday in Kenya (the KDF is doing a great job in Somalia in fighting the al-Qaeda linked terror group Al Shabaab, but those bastards aren’t fought by conventional military – Colonel Cyrus Oguna forgot to tell us this at the weekly Ops Linda Nchi media briefing yesterday).

So, I have Zanzibar and the Bahamas in mind.

Well, I have until Wednesday to decide (and I ain’t telling Frank beforehand, it’s a SURPRISE!).

Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012.

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