The Bachelorette Diaries (Wk12, 2012)

   Blue Monday it was!

There was a lot of work to be done in the office – correspondences, invitations to RSVP, conferences and meeting to deal with.

Impromptu press conferences have taken most of the week – someone seeking public attention wired a message to all media houses disrupting our smooth operations most of the week. After all we are the media.

Notable of these messages was election date announcement by the IEBC – it sparked debate from different quarters. Many people called the newsroom to give their oh-so-not-welcome-views, and we have detonated millions of email bombs – much more than I can remember doing at Yedioth Ahronoth.

That aside, the week has been so busy.

I juggle the media job with family business (software company – Gevin Technologies – where I am the MD). Sometimes I feel like I am overdoing this career-cum-miss-independent thing. I ought to take it slow, give life a breather. Ain’t it all vanity?

Frank and I decided to have a weekend in Nakuru (where I am writing this from). Lake Nakuru National Park is the place to be and I am really enjoying this country’s beauty. JAMBO KENYA!

All has been well until an hour ago when the Editorial Director called me with the oh-not-so-good news (I am wanted to attend some stupid briefing. Info has just trickled in from Bamako, Mali, where the Foreign Affairs Minister has being held up after the coup). Ati I have to go back to Nairobi, damn!

But that won’t happen (there are no airports in Nakuru, so forget the thirty-minutes-time limit ED; plus I just don’t allow unplanned events to rudely interrupt my free time).

I can still feel the way Frank wanted me when I told him that it was my writing time and the disappointment still hanging in the air (I am that straight with people).

After all, it’s my life. I call the shots.


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