The Bachelorette Diaries (Wk10, 2012)

On Thursday I was a guest speaker at Tel Aviv’s The Diaghilev, LIVE ART Boutique Hotel during the International Women’s Day. I talked of the need for the women respect themselves if they want to be respected by the menfolk and to stand up for their rights.

              I did not know that I was going to spent this week around here – but that comes when you are a genteel alpha human being like me (everybody wants to have a piece of you). So, after the event I found myself rearranging my week’s schedule in my head: cancel the flight back to Kenya. Call Frank to let him know I was not going back till next week. Call mommy, tell her that I would be home; and then call Daliah, my twin sister, to let her know that I would be around. Get together with family before all-business-all-the-time-week began.

          Make it a time to remember.

              Mom and dad are doing above average, great actually – dad has recovered from a minor operation he had last month, and mom, despite being named the businesswoman of the month by the Forbes Magazine and attending to many media interviews and talk-shows, is forever by his side.

                  Our family businesses are doing fine, thanks to Daliah’s management.

                Everything is cool and up for grabs at home – except the fact that mom is worried for me. My biological clock is ticking fast and I have not had myself hooked. She wonders what the hell I am waiting for when we have so many good men of our own. I have not told anyone of Frank, and I am not planning to. I am a bachelorette, so what? Would the world come to an end because of this?

    Actually, I have not told anyone because I am in that 0-to-6-months discovery phase. I want to find out more about Frank first.

              I  like Meira’s, my niece, childish games. We went to the park… She’s so sweet. Even if I don’t get to walk down the aisle very soon like Daliah, maybe I should get my own Meira.

                                             I am happy for Daliah.

Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012. All rights reserved.

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