The Bachelorette Diaries – (Wk8, 2012)

So much for Valentine’s day – the hullabaloo is over. Actually, my heart is no longer fluttering like a butterfly.

Life is normal.

This week, I have cooked three meals – for my man Frank – at my place. It was wow! Maria was surprised madam didn’t like her cooking anymore.

Being with Frank was fun – it brought back the girl(and kid) in me that had disappeared the minute lusty Dick ditched me(after realizing I was not a good fuck and fun to be with) nine years ago.

We rode horses as we talked about virtually everything. Then we would go to my place and I’d prepare dinner . I couldn’t wait to contact Pestlab Cleaning Services to get rid of the over used pads in my bathroom.

Friday night I know I surprised Frank big time when he saw my canopied bed with scattered rose petals, but I was hugely turned on and I wanted to explore the mystery behind his body.

Well, lemme spare you the spectacular shenanigans of the whole night, but I was disappointed when he said he was not going to stay the whole weekend.

That notwithstanding, Saturday has been a beehive of activity – rarely leaving the bed, not even to get a snack.

I couldn’t have been happier.


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