The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk7, 2012)

Well, I ain’t the fling kind of a girl, but as I headto my Mr-Drop-Dead-Gorgeous stranger I can’t help feeling cheekier – beingsingle is awful.
He’s tall, dark and handsome – just like in thenovels(and movies). I pray to God he ain’t a façade.
I feel like his fingertips gonna electrocute me as hestretches his hand to shake mine when I rudely distract him with a “Long timeno see, Tony. Where the hell have you been?”
I know it’s a dumb line, but when it comes toapologies I scoop the gold.
He too turns out to have lost count of days since helast saw me(liar), but I smile to myself.
When five minutes later we walk into a restaurant to‘catch up’ I know I have made my kill. So, this year I won’t sent flowers tomyself(crazy, right?) and fake the enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I won’t beexpected to boldly declare my feelings through gifts, statement and bouquetslike others(lovers and stalkers) or catwalk in the bedroom in provocative sheernegligee or lingerie.
The week has ended and I can’t help thinking about theday – Tuesday 14th February, 2012. It was fantastic – a candlelitdinner(at a cosy restaurant of my choice), great wine and jokes. I silentlyenjoyed(and giggled) watching him trying hard to fight the lust tug in hisloins that I had mistaken for heartstrings – MR. ROMANTIC won’t be rewarded.After all I had paid.
Maybe this coming weekend… the evil witch is gone,plus I can’t wait to have my joints oiled – after more than a decade.
Copyright ©Elove Poetry, 2012. All rights reserved.
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