The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk6, 2012)

It’s barely a quarter way into the new year and I am almost giving up.
When I go to the Village Market – the shopping mallwhere whales gnaws on minnows’ noses in Nairobi – I can’t help feelingdevastated. Window(and door) shoppers are everywhere – ‘buying’ flowers likethere’s nothing going on(mind you Kenya Defence Forces are getting themselves killedby militia in Somalia).
Men, with all kinds of toys, walk in and outreligiously. Seeing the kind of devotion they have all what I can think of isthe dedication they are putting to this whole Valentines’ Day business(the onlyday in a year men wear lingerie, bikinis and brassieres).
As much as I sneer at the insincerity of the lovedeclared on this day(while the rest of the year is passionate loath and detest)I silently pray I get a dude to do that for me. In fact, I woulddetective-trail and watch him grappling with what size is my lingerie(only turnthe present down – I’d rather he get me flowers).
I have come here to get myself girls’ stuff(it’s thattime of the month the evil witch – that all women detest – comes calling. The crampsare almost killing me).
As I head to the right shelf I spot this drop deadgorgeous guy who’s not oh so into the reds section. I second guess that he’seither a rogue bachelor or an available husband from the air he has put.
At first I don’t decide to collect my jaw from his feet,but when I find myself gathering the courage my mind is a mumbo jumbo of voicesinside me. The loudest of all is that which says, ‘Girl, your desperation isdriving you crazy.’

Copyright © Elove Poetry.

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