The Bachelorette Diaries(Wk4, 2012)

The week has ended and I have not yet got a guy. I havetried to sieve through all my male friends on Facebook, twitter, MySpace, AIM,Badoo, LinkedIn and blog – no one is dancing to my tune. What happened to thesappy lusts on the net? Guess they all want to know me better before agreeingto meet in person! What the heck?
Today is Sunday, I’m at home still browsing for morepotential lovers on the net sipping red wine. I can’t believe that I seem to begetting nowhere. Maybe I should SMS the word ‘LOVE’ to 5454 and see if it works– though I am a bit sceptical about this. The last thing I want is to see myname on all dailies with a teaser headline saying that a prominent mediapersonality is love struck, lonely and desperate. Social media platform grantsme some anonymity as opposed to phone(when you are a celeb the whole wide worldhas your phone number).
I stop what I am doing and opt for plan B – and C if Bfails. I flip through my mental rolodex for a name of some guy I might have hada thing for in the past, an old flame – uptown or downtown. Seems like Mr.Google’s search engine up there is out of date.
Since the end of January there has been a lot of red –in supermarkets, boutiques and clothes stalls – in preparation for the loversday, selling flowers like Valentines is already here. I don’t like this.
Maybe I would end up being my own valentine like Chen Wei-yih, a 30-year-old Taiwanese dudette who married herself.
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