Roses are Red

Maxine was a friend in deed
My best friend
When frail a shoulder to lean on
A hand she lend in times of need;
And when all hope’s gone she’s near
No matter how far she was.
When it came the time to face the storm
She’s right by my side
She’s the one I relied on
When my love’s was a blown out candle
And my life seemed too hot to handle
Maxine kept up safe and warm.
I caste all my fears on her
Yet she never heard me cry
Never saw the tears drops;
In the dark of the night I did cry
A new day came, bright as the sun
And I learnt how to survive.
She spoke to me in language so plain
“I love you,” gave me a rose of love
       Modestly calmed my ire wit’ life
       Watchful, faithful; Violet so blue
       Promised she’ll always be true
       Roses are red – she’s a rose.

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