I Dream of You

I’ll never tire loving you
Tell you how much I love you
Words actually lack;
The light of the sun shines on you
Your beauty marvels me
Only God knows more
That this love’ll never be graved.

I take notice of ya’ sexy smile
Listen to every word you say
My heart knows no other
Nothing gonna change this babe
Hope shall go forever and ever.

How beautiful you are peach
Bright and clear as the sky above
What a glorious sight you are!
You glitter like gold, not gilded by sun
I can’t stand your heat
Can’t you feel it’s getting close?
The sun setting sets me on fire
The passion’s ready to explode.

The moon is fuller tonight
Signal light for lovers
Shining out in the dome of the sky
When out loud you’ll cry
While in ya’ rightful place, ma’ arms
Enjoying the ride of all times.

Oh my rainbow, radiant and magnificent
Arch up for me, spread on the bed
Scorch me with your love
And restore me to strength as dew forms.

I could say much more, never finish
But it all means this, you are my fire
Joys greater still unknown, my desire
Babe ya’ love makes my body whirl
Then you love me not, ma’ head twirl
I dream of you my desire daily
Yet ya’ love is wit’ strange men.


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