My Gardenia

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
With you it ain’t, not for a single day
The apple of my heart so gay.
I am weak with passion
You restore my strength with raisins
Refresh me with apples
Every time I breathe I take you in.

How beautiful you’re my love
Your eyes shine with love
Ya’ lips to engulf mine I yearn
How lovely they are when you speak
I’ll stay on this hill of gardenias
The hill of the lone longing
Until the morning comes
A new day, as bright as the sun
Brings you to my arms.

I’ve fasted and prayed
I’ve hoped and waited
I am gathering my all now
I ain’t leaving without you
I am taking you with me
I can’t continue like this
I tell you the bitter sweet truth
I love you, I mean love you
I wanna be with you.


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