Hymn to Love

You’re the sun my love
The eternal star of my life
You chase darkness in mine heart
I love to watch ya’ in the morning rise
It’s a hobby to watch ya’ in the evening set.

You are the moon my love
Shining in my dark life
A sliver of you in mine heart
Illuminates the night dome when you rise
You calm my nerves at cock crow when you set.

You’re the stars my dove
The million faces of love my love
Those billions of eyes in the sky above
That twinkles just for me as I live
Love and fall in love with the night.

You’re the sea my love
The waters of my life
A sail on you never hurt
You’re the calmness in turbulence
Lovers love the voyages.

You’re the waves my love
You rise and hit the cliffs
No further you go
When you come into mine arms
There does ya’ torrential heart find solace.

You’re the Kalahari and Sahara
The broadest continent of love
Adorned with dunes so beautiful
Sandstorms find us strong and safe
In where we belong – the arms we love
Singing sweet songs to each other
Hymns of love to the love we have.


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