Secret Love

You’re a song I can sing

Written by the hand of God

You’re a tune I can put to my music

Composed by the choir of angels

All what my heart looks for.

You’re my sunshine after the rain

Shining brightly after dawn

You’re the only hibiscus in the garden

Blossoming in the afternoon, gardenia of my heart

The moon in my darkest night.

You’re a star in the sky I can follow

Lead me to the valley of lilies

You’re a planet I can live in

Held in the system of eternal love

The milky way of my living.

You’re the calm after the storm

I get the smoothest sail

You’re the ocean of love

Waters that keep me alive

Send from above.

You’re a story I can tell

Interesting than the fairy tales

Every day I write ya’ history

You’re no longer a mystery

Oh yes I know, you’re the one.

You’re a smile I can put on

The curve that sets things straight

You’re everything to me, alright

That I want outrightly, homey

The thing is, honey

You mean the whole world to me

You know not I love you.


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