Official I Love Poetry Facebook Page

Power of the Sword’s Official Love Poetry Facebook Page. Poetry, the simple language of the body when everything is at loggerheads. I Love Poetry Page is another platform I use to publish my poems and other love quotes and proverbs. Even if we speak the language of gods and spirits, seraphim and other angels, without love we’re nothing. With love we’ll stop the atrocities that stupefy the world daily, we’ll be touched to give and share the morsel we have with the railway-line-legged starving kids we see daily on the TVs and newpapers all over the world because of no fault of their own, we’ll propagate the message of love and peace and the whole world would be ours to live and thrive in, and we’ll see the world just as we should be… the way lil’ children see it. LOVE is the only thing that would ever give us the peace and trangulity we daily pray for… let’s do nothing but LOVE.

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